Sunday, 16 September 2012

Ovary goes AWOL

“You’re right ovary is hiding from me.”
Dr. K announced as she waved the (ultrasound) wand inside my uterus. Great, I thought. My right ovary had decided to play hide-and-seek! Dr. K was conducting a transvaginal ultrasound so we’ll know how many egg follicles are developing in my ovaries. After a couple of minutes, we knew that my right ovary had about 2 little egg follicles and my left had about 5 good-sized egg follicles. This would have been good news except that my left fallopian tube is blocked. Perfect. Just perfect. Rotten eggs. Rotten, rotten eggs. Rotten luck.
Sometime early this year and together with our fertility doctor (Dr. T), hubby and I have decided on the superovulation/IUI fertility treatment. Five days before the ultrasound, we had started on the superovulation part of the treatment. This meant injecting myself daily (supposedly for about ten days) with a low dose (150 IU) of Puregon to stimulate the growth of egg follicles. Since there is very little or no possibility that the 5 good-sized egg follicles in my left ovary will migrate to my right fallopian tube anytime soon, Dr. K recommended we cancel the cycle at this point and not proceed with the IUI.  
Dr. K and Nurse J were pretty sympathetic. Hubby felt very disappointed but I. was. OKAY. Or seemed to be. “At least, we know how my female plumbing system is doing. We’re learning more and more as we proceed with this,” I said like a peppy leader in an election campaign.
It was a different story when we got home. I crumpled on the couch, feeling very sad and angry with my rotten luck. But mostly I felt sadness, deep sadness that hubby and I are getting farther away from having the child that we wanted.

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