Tuesday, 18 September 2012

It's a Fertile World

One of the things I’m learning a lot now about infertility is not just the science aspect of it. More and more, I’m getting pretty familiar with the emotional roller coaster that infertility brings. In my research, fertility experts strongly suggest that couples dealing with infertility issues seek help and support from friends and family.

After our first attempt at fertility treatment last month, I have not shared my situation to many. Well-meaning friends and family members may not know it but sometimes they make things worse by spewing out platitudes. Friends and family always have good intentions but things that were originally meant to make the other feel better sometimes end up being hurtful and insensitive. One of my fears is that they would not understand. Believe me, I have been in the same situation. When hubby and I started visiting the fertility clinic, there was a sign at the reception area that said: “In consideration of our other clients, please refrain from bringing children to the clinic.”
Acting like a total buffoon, I pointed the sign to hubby and said: “Do you think women will break down and bawl their eyes out when they see a kid?” I laughed hysterically. The thought was so comical to me. This was two years ago. The past months though, I am the one breaking down and blubbering when I check my Facebook.  I see high school classmates, friends and former students posting ultrasound of their babies (technically a fetus yet but that doesn't stop them from calling it a baby), photos of their baby bumps, gazillon photos of their newborn babies and copious updates of the latest antics and perceived brilliance of their progeny. It’s practically driving me up the (Facebook) wall!
Tomorrow I am thinking of posting this: “In consideration of over-sensitive, touchy, infertile women, please restrain yourself from blatantly showing off your fertility!”      

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