Sunday, 2 March 2014

Backstage at the (in)Fertility Oscars

My speech "on stage" has turned out to be long-ish. If this was really the Academy Awards, the orchestra would start playing the music and the usherettes or ushers of the show would half-escort, half-drag me to exit the stage.

But I still have some more people to thank. Good thing the camera will continue rolling backstage to give the awardees the chance to thank other people they have missed on stage. Better thing is that this isn’t really the Oscars and I can continue my speech.    

I thank my husband who has been my solid and stable partner in this journey. From being present in every meeting with the doctors to helping me with my injections. From reading many articles and journals about fertility-related studies to keeping my hopes up and embracing me when words became insufficient. He was there and I know he will continue to be there. This part of our life has brought us closer to each other. 

Photo credit: Wendy D. 

When most girls dreamed of meeting the men of their dreams, marrying, raising children in a nice big house, I dreamed of becoming a famous actress, a missionary, and world explorer. I had hoped of finding my special someone but never imagined I would actually find that person. One who accepts me for who I am – opinionated and silly, fantastic and fabulous. One who is different enough to make things interesting but who shares my values and priorities in life.

I thank Alanna and Ty for their emotional support and encouragement. They are always interested in hearing updates about our fertility treatments. They share disappointments and our joys. 

I thank Neil and all my dear friends – in Canada and in the Philippines, who may not always be up to date with every step of the journey but whose thoughts and prayers are important to me. You know who you are.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. I say, it also takes a village to take care of each other.   

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